Scholarship Funding

The scholarships for the students include the following: Tuition (Educational Fees) School Uniforms Sports Uniforms School Supplies Class Books One scholarship for one year is $700 If the child completes their education with the support of the VICO Foundation throughout secondary school, the Foundation would contribute $4,200 directly to their educational success. The VICO Educational Foundation … Continue reading Scholarship Funding

Give An Opportunity of A Lifetime: Literally

One of the most important influences of success is support. Children must feel empowered, believed in, supported and they will strive to be the best version of themselves. Help one of these students walk across the graduation stage and strive for their dreams. The Support a Student program gives donors an opportunity to be an … Continue reading Give An Opportunity of A Lifetime: Literally

Dear Future Friend

The intention of a pen pal program between the scholar students and students living in America is to provide a relationship between these students and foster personal connections. Each student will gain awareness and perspective of other cultures, belief systems, and personalities through this program. A Learning Experience for Students All students participating will have … Continue reading Dear Future Friend

How to Recognize Potential Students

The hope of the VICO Educational Foundation is to develop not only capable scholars, but well-educated, well-oriented, compassionate citizens of society. Therefore, we get to know the students in three critically influential aspects of their lives; their illustration of determination in school, the support they receive from their family, and economic variables that are disabling … Continue reading How to Recognize Potential Students