The VICO Educational Foundation is an organization that provides educational scholarships to students in Cochabamba, Bolivia to attend a Catholic, private secondary school where they will attain the adequate education to apply for college. The VICO Foundation aspires to support young children who have the drive and motivation to be successful in Bolivian society, yet are unable to get out of the cycle of poverty their families experience. The goal of the foundation is to break the cycle of poverty in Bolivia by providing kids an opportunity to be educated and consequently, a job that will pull their families out of poverty.

In addition to providing educational opportunities, the VICO Educational Foundation instills the importance of giving back to one’s own community. By structuring programs where scholarship recipients must give back to others who are less fortunate than themselves, they will learn to understand the importance of giving back and hopefully discover how enjoyable and fulfilling helping others is.

The VICO Educational Foundation is in direct response to the necessity of education in one of the poorest countries in South America. Students who are motivated, driven, and have potential to be successful individuals are robbed of their livelihood and future due to their families economic situation. The foundation hopes to bridge this gap and allow these students to pursue their dreams and passions.

VICO is a Spanish acronym for the core characteristics that represent the VICO Educational Foundation.

V – virtud, which translates to virtue

I  – integridad, which translates to integrity

C – compromiso, which translates to promise

O – oportunidad, which translates to opportunity

Virtue, integrity, promise, and opportunity are all aspects of the foundation that are instilled within the operations of the foundation, which include scholarships as well as the community service within the Bolivian community.

Over time, we hope the VICO Educational Foundation will not only make a life changing difference in the children who receive the scholarship, but will also be breaking the cycle of poverty in the Bolivian community one student at a time.

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