Assumption St. Bridget (ASB) proudly sponsors Sara and Josue, while participating in the pen pal program where the students exchange letters and pictures about their daily life.

Both my sister, Maegan, and I graduated from ASB many years ago.

The girls of the VICO Educational Foundation host an assembly for the students, faculty and staff of ASB (left to right Brooke Paulsen, Maegan Benadof, Annie Flora, Bridget Kocer, and Gabby Demick)

This school has an immense sense of community that we were proud to be apart of. We are both excited to share this experience with the current Assumption St. Bridget community in Seattle, Washington.

The children at Assumption St. Bridget are educated about Bolivia and the tragic educational restrictions on children and the severity of economic poverty in third world countries through an annual assembly. Sara and Josue are introduced to the kids, faculty, and staff and they learn how the VICO Educational Foundation is devoted to breaking the cycle of poverty one student at a time.

The middle school students write letters to all of the scholars in Cochabamba, sharing pictures of their families, their sports teams, their friends, the Seahawks, the Sounders, the Mariners, and other photos of their interest. They describe a typical day after school or explain why math or language arts is their favorite subject in school. These students are lead through this exercise in their Spanish classes.

The VICO Educational Foundation and ASB Student Council are excited to be working together

The entire school participates in the annual fundraiser for Sara and Josue by selling bracelets, participating in a selfie contest on social media platforms creating awareness to their family and friends, and participating in friendly competition between homerooms.


Students in Cochabamba write back with pictures of their families and friends, creating a bond between the students. They love learning about each others’ differences knowing there are so many similarities. It is not only inspiring to the students, but to the parents and teachers of Eugenia Ravasco as well. The pen pal program is one way of illustrating the amazing potential of all of children participating in the program.

April 2014 338-1

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