My name is Casey Benadof. I am a 22-year-old living in sunny San Diego, California aspiring to be a doctor with a vocation to improve the lives of others through healing and education.

I am pursuing my passion. My hobbies have become my work. I am graduating from University of California, San Diego as a major in biology with a minor in mathematics. I have recently joined a research team at the Salk Institute working in Terrence Sejnowski’s neuroscience lab. Our focus is developing a promising technology determining the severity of Dystonic symptoms, a neurological disorder. Illustrating an objective measurement of neurological disease symptoms will hopefully entice more investment in the research of neurobiology to discover groundbreaking therapeutic modalities of treatments and preventions. The brain is truly fascinating; there is so much mystery.

I have recently worked closely with an international start-up, DefinedCrowd, in Lisbon, Portugal launching an evolutionary aspect of the company. DefinedCrowd is a data collection company striving to educate and develop the next era of artificial intelligence and machine learning systems. It was an empowering experience collaborating with some of the most innovative, young, genius people with like-minded goals in data analysis.

The VICO Educational Foundation is in loving memory of my grandfather, Vico, rooting me to my Bolivian heritage. He was a true inspiration to me as a courageous businessman, a charitable member of society, a devoted husband and father, and a loving grandfather. His “Miss America” will continue his mission and dedication to service.

I fill my free time as a yoga enthusiast, health addict, and bookworm.  I have participated in two triathlons and the Disney Half Marathon with my mom.  We are training for another one this coming February! I have a younger sister, Maegan, at Oregon State University and I miss her dearly.  I am a wanderlust soul with a hunger for adventure. My dad and I have had many escapades abroad visiting family and friends. My family means everything to me.

Thank you for joining me on this incredible journey we have been blessed to have.

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