It is important to understand that there are always ways to give back to the community, and there are always individuals less fortunate than us that can benefit from our service. The act of service is in no way a do or die obligation as a moral human being, but it makes you feel good about yourself and the people who are receiving your help. An aspect of gratitude enters our awareness that may not have been there before or may have simply grown, enriching our every day life.

Feelings are identified at a young age. Perception is shaped from the moment we take our first breath to the moment we take our last. Kids can find the joy, the innocence, the appreciation, and the respect in helping others live fulfilling lives. They manifest that and carry that correlation throughout their entire life.

The VICO Foundation actively helps look for community service opportunities throughout the greater Bolivian community for the students to participate in if necessary. Eugenia Ravasco is responsible for finding safe and secure institutions for the children of the VICO Foundation to do their service.

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