The hope of the VICO Educational Foundation is to develop not only capable scholars, but well-educated, well-oriented, compassionate citizens of society. Therefore, we get to know the students in three critically influential aspects of their lives; their illustration of determination in school, the support they receive from their family, and economic variables that are disabling the ability to afford a quality education at a private school.

Determination in Academic Performance

The scholar must show their dedication to their studies by maintaining at or above average course work grades. Students must demonstrate that education is also their number one priority, but achieving the course work they can when they have done their best. There is no pressure to neither be the best in the class nor better than a certain percentage. It is simply understood that the student will do their best.

It is important to recognize that students go through phases in life that are more difficult than others. There are times that kids can get into concerning behavior and that is okay. The VICO Foundation strives to work with students when struggling to address the problem and help the kids work through it and improve their grades. It is important to us that kids embrace and continue to grow from times of adversity.

If the student does, however, persistently fail after all measures have been taken to help the student succeed, we simply will reallocate our support to a student who will positively take advantage of the communal support.

 Familial Support

The biggest influences on a child are their parents. When a child is growing up, they are learning how to identify emotions, communication skills, and coping mechanisms. Children learn these crucial behavioral characteristics from their parents. Familial support is a crucial factor of a child’s success, defined as a sense of self, satisfaction, and hunger for life, rather than materialistic gratification. In order to uphold the values of the Foundation and strive to improve their lives through the accumulation of knowledge and utilization of their intellect while selflessly contributing to those less fortunate than them, it is important the family understands these values and it’s utmost importance.

Economic Status

A family has to have a financial need in order to receive a scholarship. It is important that the money donated to this cause is going to the intended mission of eliminating poverty. In order to do so, we have implemented a way to filter families whom the scholarship is not pivotal for the pursuance of a private education.

If a family improves in economic status due to a change in dynamic such as marriage or receiving a job, the child will continue to receive a scholarship until his/her graduation. We will not punish the family when an extremely positive event has improved their quality of life. We will also not rob the dream of that child.

We entrust in the nuns who run the school to pick students. Background information is included in initial information received from Eugenia Ravasco, along with a questionnaire the student fills out so we can get to know the student personally.

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