The intention of a pen pal program between the scholar students and students living in America is to provide a relationship between these students and foster personal connections. Each student will gain awareness and perspective of other cultures, belief systems, and personalities through this program.

A Learning Experience for Students

All students participating will have an opportunity to enhance their exposure to the realities of cultures around the world, specifically in Bolivia. Not only will they be exposed to the difficulties of other countries and feel humbled, the poverty-stricken families in Bolivia and feel grateful, they will also be exposed to kids who have similar interests and are equally intelligent and feel relatable, to languages that expand their ability to connect with the world and feel invigorated by new opportunities, and to the belief that you can help others and make a difference in the world and feel empowered.

School’s Curriculum

Worldly awareness is one of the most important aspects of life to be practiced from a young age, instilling compassion, love, and selfless beliefs.

The foundation illustrates three standout influences on those beliefs through the school curriculum.

Gratitude. Appreciation for what one has and the expression of gratitude is one of the most healthy practices to value throughout life. The importance of service and compassion is a constant influencer on all decisions of the foundation operations in hopes of initiating a domino effect of gratitude throughout the VICO Foundation. Exposing kids to worldly circumstances perceived as less fortunate will naturally germinate a feeling of compassion.

Language. Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages, and is originated in the beautiful Latin roots in which all of South America and parts of Europe language originates. It is important that students can communicate in a non native language as our world is getting smaller and smaller, and as well all know, life is about the connections we have, the relationships we form. Language barriers are minimized.

Other Realities. The world is much bigger than the personal bubble we put around ourselves, also known as personal boundaries. The world is much bigger than the neighborhood buddies we played ball in the streets with after we finished our homework. The world is much bigger than the exam you stressed over at school. The world is much bigger than the traffic issues in Seattle that frustrate locals to no end. The world is much bigger than the winner of the Super Bowl in the United States, although some may incessantly argue otherwise. Exposure of international atrocities are just as important for children to understand as national, communal, and personal conflicts and values are.

Schools can implement the VICO Foundation as they see fit within their curriculum. It is important that the students get the most out of this experience. Letters can be written as the school chooses. Methods of raising funds are discussed on a school-by-school basis in order to accommodate everyone and have this be the best opportunity possible for the students.

Introduce My Students

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